Tanah Merah steadily grew on the banks of Sungai Kelantan, as merchants dropped in on their way to ply their trade in Bukit Remah. Slowly, the focus fell away from this earlier trading post, to an area about 3km upstream, where you will find Tanah Merah town today. Apart from taking a train to the famed Tanah Merah railway station, the main land routes you can use to reach Tanah Merah include:

  1. Tanah Merah-Pasir Mas Road (from Cabang Kg. Jelatok to Bandar Tanah Merah) approx. 3.25km
  2. Tanah Merah-Machang Road (from Bandar Tanah Merah to Jalan Machang-Jeli)
  3. Jedok Road (junction to shortcut heading to Bandar Tanah Merah).