Finance Division

  1. Tax bills, licence, rental that does not troubled will be processed in time 5 minutes * Quick and right service and manner hospitality.

  2. Financial planning carried out thorough and all rule on financial management complied.

  3. Payment to supplier will be processed in time 4 weeks.

Evaluation Division

  1. We produce assessment tax bills at the latest in 31hb januari of half payment first year and 31hb July of latter part of the year payment every year.

  2. We getting paid assessment tax for the period a year in payment period first half year.

  3. All assessment tax bill payments that does not troubled would be resolved within not exceeding from 5 minutes.

  4. Any assessment tax bill payments that does not troubled would be resolved within less from 5 minutes.

  5. Give opportunity to disappointed property owners to plead and protest.

  6. Give opportunity to be doing highest assessment tax arrears payment.

  7. We will member tax assessment appeal decision within 6 weeks.

Development And Engeneering Division

  1. Repair road in district areas in 7 weeks.

  2. Application dig / punch in areas's road will be approved in time 2 weeks.

  3. Repair drain damage within 2 weeks.

  4. All damage complaint Council's premise will be dealt with in period of a week.

  5. Services approval machinery rental / tent / paying / table and seat within 1 days.

BLicensing, Cleanliness and Urban Beautification Division

Ensure that applications which are complete and comply with the licensing conditions are processed and issued within the stipulated period according to the following licence categories:


Type of Licence

Type of Application




 Temporary Premise Licence




 Composite Licence

  • Premise and Billboard Advertisement Licence
  • Hotel Premise Licence
  • Premise Licence


30 Days
30 Days
30 Days


21 Days



 Advertisement Licence

  • Billboard Advertisement Licence only
  • Lamp Pole Advertisement Licence
  • Banner Advertisement Licence
  • Balloon Advertisement Licence
  • Temporary Display Advertisement Licence
  • Outdoor Advertisement Licence


21 Days

14 Days
14 Days
21 Days
30 Days




14 Days




 Private Car Park Licence

30 Days



Miscellaneous Licence

  • Auctioneer's Licence
  • Expo/Promotions/Exhibition Licence


7 Days
14 Days




  1. Approval for business spaces and transfer of titles will be processed within 4 weeks from the date the applications are received provided the application is complete and fulfils the requirements.

  2. Refuse collection service will be performed 3 times every week for residential and outside city centre areas and daily for the city centre.

  3. Drain cleaning will be performed once a month for a given area.

  4. Grass cutting will be performed twice a month for a given area.

  5. Any complaints related to the cleanliness, beautification and those relevant will be taken action upon within 7 days after official complaints are received.