Client Charter Legislation Process in Tanah Merah District Council

To be sure Tanah Merah District Council major customer  :

  • Customer come to deal with this department is constitute public,other department / government agency, private party, voluntary organisations etc.

Identify customer needs as follows :

  • Provide suggestion box to clients and the public

  • Provide form specifically for public use which housed in waiting area.

  • Hold dialogue session or proposal with public to know their requirement for instance with trader group. - Get feedback from public either from letter or phone

Translate customer's demands to product standard or service

  1. Approve setting up in areas building Tanah Merah District Council

  2. Explain assessment tax bills, licence, rental, service fee compound and others.

  3. Provide business space.

  4. Provide public facilities, recreation and recreational park and city beautification.

  5. Providing infrastructures such as road, drainage and street lighting system.

  6. Give cleanliness and rubbish bin service.

  7. Issuing licences business premise / industry.

  8. Provide facilities traffic and parking.

  9. Approve planning and land management.

  10. Give property and plant tenancy services.

Determine product quality class follow time has been set as follows :

  1. Approve applications erecting building within 11 weeks for its conditional is attached  into comprehensive document.

  2. Approve licence for the business premise within 4 weeks condition attached complete document.

  3. Bills service assessment tax, licence, compound rental in time 15 minutes otherwise troubled.

  4. Waste collection service carried out daily.

Administrative Division

  1. We promise that we will give friendly service each call from customer.

  2. We will entertaining customers in turn should.

  3. We would give response and feedback on letters am being joined to ceremony within 1 weeks.

  4. We would give service quickly and right on council's staff service.

  5. We will be patient and ready to accept suggestions and reprimand from ceremony customer.