1. Local Government Act, 1976 (Act 171)

 Provide Public services which are efficient and effective :

  1. Solid Waste Management
  2. Cleaning up and Beautifying The Area
  3. Maintenance of Drainage
  4. Road Construction And Maintenance
  5. Public Building Maintenance
  6. Public Places Maintenance
  7. Public Health Control And Protection
  8. Cemetery Maintenance

 Manage and Control All Financial Allocation Received :

  1. Assessment Tax
  2. Licence Fee and Fines
  3. Launching Grant
  4. Yearly Grant Using Balancing Method
  5. Development Project Grant
  6. Road Maintenance Grant

  Development Project Implementation at Local Level:

  1. Housing
  2. Trade & Industry
  3. Recreation Facilities
  4. Town Infrastructure

2. Town And Rural Planning Act (Act 172)

Assume the role as the Local Planning Authority For The Areas Under Its Administration.:

  1. Arrange, control and plan development and reuse of land and building in its area.

3. Building, Road and Drainage Act, 1974 (Act 133)

  1. To approve Building Plan
  2. Control to ensure land works being carried out comply with requirements as stipulated.
  3. To ensure construction of any building is in accordance with the plan that has been approved.
  4. To ensure the use of any building is as approved by the Local Authority.
  5. To control the use of flammable items when constructing any building.
  6. Provide infrastructure for any development.

4.  Road Transport Act 1987  – Order (Car Parks)

Gazetted under Section 72 Road Transport Act 1987. The law came into effect from January 1st 1988. 

Among the violations are:

  1. Parking your vehicle without permission, unless a payment receipt issued by an attendant can be furnished
  2. Parking beyond time limit paid for.